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The inadequacy of the English language

Of all the thousands of languages, English is considered to have the richest vocabulary – and yet, it’s inadequate when it comes to accurately describing current events. Consider the “Migrant Crisis” for example, or the ongoing immigration policies of Western … Continue reading

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Leftists eating their own

A couple of days ago, we were treated to Stephen King getting slammed for suggesting that quality is more important than Diversity. The horror! From Yahoo People: Stephen King is facing some heat for a tweet in response to the … Continue reading

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No justice in California

A couple was arrested for baiting, and beating, bicycle thieves outside their home. From the LA Times: For months, police said, a Visalia, Calif., couple left a bicycle unattended outside their home in order to bait passersby into stealing it. … Continue reading

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I need your help!

No, I’m not asking for money. What I’m asking for is time-donation. Aside from writing this blog, I’m also active on (username Reuben Hayat). I’ll be active there until (inevitably) I’m banned for good. At that point, maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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“Boxy” thinking from Red Ice

I was watching the most recent “Flashback Friday” video, from Red Ice, and (18:28), they brought up a disturbing story. It’s from the National File: Pastor’s Wife Celebrates Transgender Child’s Puberty Blockers, Paid by Church Insurance In a viral Facebook … Continue reading

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Amren Conference 2020

I’m in the process of signing up for this year’s Amren (American Renaissance) conference. I say “in the process” because banks have been participating in the War against Whites for some time now – and it is no longer possible … Continue reading

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Fake news from USA Today

In an article titled “We’re not going to cower…” USA Today describes how small Jewish communities, around America, are preparing for anti-Semitic attacks: The challenges can be particularly steep for smaller communities, which often find themselves with fewer financial resources and … Continue reading

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The City of Beaverton celebrates The Great Replacement

I got the Beaverton, Oregon annual report in the mail a few days ago. It’s also available online. On page 7 we find a brief overview of the City of Beaverton, along with a budget breakdown. In a city that’s … Continue reading

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Happy New Year to all of y’all!

2020 is almost upon us, and by the time most of y’all read this, it will already be here. So happy New Year to everybody reading this. It’s not that I don’t have anything negative to say. In fact, I’ve … Continue reading

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