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Rhode Island Officials Call for Stricter Gun Laws

An Associated Press article decries the recent uptick in gun violence that has plagued Rhode Island: Addressing gun violence in Rhode Island will require stricter gun laws as well as improved social programs that address the underlying socioeconomic issues, congressional, … Continue reading

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Inflation Could Hit 20%

It’s now so obvious that inflation is in our future that even Business Insider admits it: Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel said inflation could spike to 20% in the next two or three years due to “unprecedented” fiscal and monetary stimulus … Continue reading

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Weather-Change and City of Beaverton Followup

Only a few days ago, it was overcast and chilly here in Oregon. Now it’s sunny and warm. I blame Weather-Change. Actually, under these circumstances, I appreciate Weather-Change; it encouraged me to make my first pilgrimage to one of my … Continue reading

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The Oregon Health Authority Doesn’t Like White People

I just received a pamphlet from the Oregon Health Authority. It contains information and tips about possible lead contamination in drinking water. The pamphlet is published in several languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and a couple of mystery African … Continue reading

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The Government is the Political Arm of the Corporate Media

Who controls the past controls the future. In an age where the vast majority of the population gets its information from a Corporate Media that is owned by only a handful of players, the phrase “money talks” takes on new … Continue reading

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An Excellent Article on Martin King

I’m borrowing this answer, with permission, from Quora. If Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, would he assist “Black Lives Matter” succeed in their goals peacefully? Paul White Answered:  Many conservatives have a romanticized view of Martin Luther King … Continue reading

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Disney Targets White Employees for Self-Hatred Training

So many companies have joined the zombie apocalypse of Wokeness that it would be easier to list the ones that maintain some sanity. As a matter of fact, my friend Diversity Chronicle, sent me such a list. The latest to … Continue reading

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Biden’s Restaurant Rescue Plan Blatantly Discriminates Against White Males

From American Thinker: White males go to the back of the line in applying for funds to rescue their bars, restaurants, and other venues eligible for federal relief for the impact of the coronavirus lockdown.  This violates the equal protection under … Continue reading

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San Francisco Openly Embraces Racial Discrimination

We’ve already seen how the State of Oregon, and the Federal Government, are shamelessly funneling taxpayer money into the hands of black citizens, at the expense of white citizens. It should come as no surprise that the City of San … Continue reading

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Blatant Anti-White Discrimination from the Federal Government

Yesterday, I wrote about the State of Oregon’s brazen violation of anti-discrimination law. Not surprisingly, the Federal government is acting in the same spirit. From The Daily Wire: A Chilton, Wisconsin, dairy farmer who has two prosthetic legs has joined … Continue reading

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