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The upcoming American Renaissance conference

Those of you who read the American Renaissance monthly magazine should already be aware that we are having another conference this coming February (4th-6th).  This one will be in Charlotte, North Carolina. It looks like we’ll have some interesting speakers … Continue reading

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More on Muslims, Mexicans and freedom of speech

Nobody has taken me to task for the apparent contradiction between my libertarianism on one hand (which presumably supports freedom of speech) and my condemnation of Islam as a menace to our society on the other.  I’m a bit disappointed … Continue reading

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The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein

I just finished reading “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein, sent to me by my friend Gaurav Ahuja a while back. Both of Finkelstein’s parents had survived the Warsaw ghetto and both of his parents were the only ones, of … Continue reading

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JAY gets banned from

I was wondering what took them so long, at, to ban me.  After all, even though I was careful to refrain from abusive language and personal attacks, I told the truth about race – and this is a huge … Continue reading

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Felony voting bans

Anna Hirsch is disturbed by the fact that felons are not allowed to vote in many states.  The reason she objects to this ban is that she considers the racial disparity in felony convictions to be the result of white … Continue reading

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Racist code words

The left loves to accuse the rest of us of hiding our racism through “code words”.  Their list of code words might include “states’ rights”, “urban”, “high-crime area”, “youth” etc. Typical of such leftists is Steve Rawley who  writes: Racism … Continue reading

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More blatant racism from The Oregonian

I am not sure what is more amazing.  The sheer volume of anti-white propaganda we are exposed to or the extent that the masses are blind to it. The Oregonian ran a large article, in their “Opinion” section (Sunday, October … Continue reading

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Quran-burning Pastor interview

Patrick, who often comments on this blog, was kind enough to send me an interesting link.  Here we can hear a naive and foolish BBC reporter interviewing the breathtakingly ignorant pastor Terry Jones – who recently planned to burn 20 … Continue reading

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The legacy of serfdom

The vast majority of whites are descended from people who suffered as serfs for several hundred years.  In our time of abundance, we often forget how short and brutal life used to be.  Christopher Martin, in his book “Louis XIV”, … Continue reading

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Jared Taylor versus Ora Garway

We like to think of the internet as being a free forum of ideas, a place where unpopular truth can defeat establishment dogma in a level playing field.  This is what we like to think – until we remember that … Continue reading

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