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Islam is a symptom, not the problem

A reader sent me this youTube video. When I watched it, I thought to myself, “this is intriguing and the presenter is well-spoken and seems well-informed.  I wonder how Muslims would respond…”  So I watched this video. It should be … Continue reading

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Posts now indexed

I have finally done what I should have done long ago.  I have gone through the blog and indexed most of the posts according to topic.  Now it should be easier to find past posts.  I realize that the list … Continue reading

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German outpost in Brazil

The webmaster of Human Stupidity mentioned to me that there is a small region, in Southern Brazil, that was settled by Germans back in the 19th century.  What is remarkable about it, especially the city of Pomerode, is that a … Continue reading

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Israelis protesting genocide of Afrikaners

Thanks to Charles for sending me the link.

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Conquering the land

There is an ancient Jewish saying, “a woman is merely real-estate” (ha-isha qarqa’ be’alma).  The analogy being that, just like real-estate, a woman can be bought in one of three ways (according to Jewish law).  Also, just like the land, … Continue reading

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Hoosier Nation

Until a few days ago, I had never heard the term “Hoosier”.  Thanks to Matt Parrott, I am now not only familiar with the term, but I even have a historical grasp of its origins and its current meaning.  In … Continue reading

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Give Jared Taylor and Amren another chance

Some people have been saying that two screw-ups in a row is too much.  After reading those comments, I have wondered about other public people.  Let’s take a look at Jesse Jackson.  He calls himself “reverend”, which supposedly means he … Continue reading

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The pro-white movement needs diversity

Organizations such as the SPLC and ADL often accuse pro-white organizations of harboring openly hateful people, anti-Semites and lunatics.  Unfortunately, this often turns out to be true.  If a pro-white person, of healthy demeanor, wishes to join other pro-whites as … Continue reading

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"South Africa Sucks" blog taken down

A couple of days ago, the “South Africa Sucks” blog was removed by WordPress – that same WordPress I praised a while back for its tolerance.  South Africa Sucks is one of the more vulgar race-realist blogs.  It does not … Continue reading

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Protest photos

These are from our picket session in front of the Sheraton … even the security guard there was sympathetic.  Well, not really – but we probably made his day by allowing him to feel useful for a few minutes.

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