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Washington Elites Believe in Magic

Last year, Scientific American announced that: Scientific “progress” is built on racism in many cases. Ronald Fisher, a pioneer of statistics, is also a pioneer of eugenics. The HeLa cells that are so widely used in laboratories across the United … Continue reading

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I Just Joined iPatriot

At the suggestion of The Oregon Firearms Federation, which I’m a member of, I’ve signed up for the social media site iPatriot. It looks like it’s up and coming, but there’s already an encouraging amount of activity there. It’s compatible … Continue reading

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They Were Silent When Jared Taylor got Banned from Twitter

In 2017, Twitter removed Jared Taylor’s account, along with that of American Renaissance. Taylor sued Twitter in 2018, and Breitbart published a balanced article on the issue, pointing out Twitter’s sordid history of silencing conservative voices. To the best of … Continue reading

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It’s Going to be a Good Year

Fear not, dear readers. Don’t let politics get you down; the Communists can steal the election, they can use all sorts of tricks to try to silence us, and they can dominate the mass media – but they can’t force … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Unrest in Washington

For the better part of a year, American cities have been subject to violent riots by BLM supporters. By cover of darkness, they shattered the windows of small businesses, spray painted graffiti on public property, started fires on streets and … Continue reading

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Lynching in the Old South

Years ago, there was an excellent blog by the name of Radish (previously known as I used to link to it. Alas, it has disappeared, and with it some outstanding articles. One of those articles was about lynching in … Continue reading

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Is Mayor Ted Wheeler Finally Showing Some Backbone?

As far as I can tell, my Back the Blue friends have moved on to greener pastures, and are now concentrating their efforts in Salem. It doesn’t look like they’ve been meeting in downtown Portland recently, and they haven’t returned … Continue reading

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For a New Year – Something from the Past

Happy New Year everybody! Let’s start the new year with a little history. In 1492, the Jews of Spain were given a choice between apostasy or exile. Many escaped to neighboring Portugal, where they fared little better; in 1496, the … Continue reading

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