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Our new healthcare system

This flowchart was part of a presentation given by the company I work for.  Reportedly, it comes from a government website: Three words come to mind when I see this: “Not my department”.

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Traffic tickets

I had the misfortune, recently, of being issued a citation for turning on a yellow light.  In this city, yellow is considered the same as red for this purpose.  Go figure.  Now I am several hundred dollars poorer.  Here, I … Continue reading

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American Planning Association

There is never a dearth of bad news for pro-white bloggers to write about.  We simply do not have “slow news days”.  All we have to do is open any newspaper or magazine and within seconds we find anti-white propaganda … Continue reading

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Thank you WordPress!

This blog has been up the better part of a year.  I like to think that many have benefited from it.  I certainly have!  Not to worry; I am not closing the blog.  I simply wanted to write what I … Continue reading

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The establishment Left, and the masses whose opinions they control, would have us believe that there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to interracial relationships.  In their world, love is colorblind and observations to the contrary are not … Continue reading

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Know your place, white boy!

Those in power have not neglected any aspect of American life, when it comes to imposing their racial hierarchy upon us.  Within that hierarchy, blacks are on top – and they remind us of this caste system at every opportunity.  … Continue reading

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Conservative affirmative action

I used to listen to the Ken Hamblin radio show.  He called himself “The Black Avenger” and he was a big hit.  He would say the things, on behalf of whites, that whites wished they could say for themselves – … Continue reading

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The exalted intelligent Negro

This is going to be one of the more difficult posts I have attempted, for the observation I shall try to convey is neither scientific nor by any means universal.  It is not my intention to offend -but putting this … Continue reading

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Nevan Sesardic's essay on race

The commentator, who calls himself statsquatch, recently linked to an amazing essay by Nevan Sesardic called “Race: a social destruction of a biological concept.”  It now seems that the source page has been taken down.  Fortunately, I had the foresight … Continue reading

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Racially biased advertising

There is a new advertising campaign promoting birth control in Portland.   The campaign aims to dispel myths about birth control. What stood out to me was the fact they just had to have a black man/white woman couple in the picture.  … Continue reading

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