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Dragon fruit: The best fruit in the world

A few years ago I was visiting Thailand, among other places, and I visited one of the outdoor marketplaces.  My intention was to find fruits that I had never tried, purchase some, bring them back to my hotel to consume … Continue reading

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In praise of little girls

Somebody (I can’t remember who) sent me a news story about an Afghan man, and his mother, who murdered his wife for having daughters instead of sons: Kunduz, Afghanistan (CNN) — Police in the northern Afghanistan province of Kunduz are … Continue reading

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Another black-on-white "non-hate crime"

Portland’s free weekly leftist rag, “Willamette Week” just published an article about the practice of “G-ing”.  It is a form of hazing practiced by high school students and, technically, it is a form of rape: “G-ing” in the Spotlight Grant … Continue reading

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Thank you Gay State Girl

After I was attacked on Robert Linday’s blog, Gay State Girl came to my defense.  This is some of what she wrote: If you delve deeper into JAY’s blog, you’ll find out that he is quite sympathetic to the Palestinians-and … Continue reading

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Those dastardly Mormons

Human stupidity sent me an interesting story (he sends me a lot of stuff) about how the Mormons have apologized for posthumously baptizing Jewish Holocaust survivors: SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Mormon church leaders apologized to the family of Holocaust … Continue reading

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Should "white" be capitalized?

I was recently attacked, at American Renaissance, for not capitalizing “white” in the context of the white race.  Here is the thread in question: Me: Here’s a bizarre twist:  The “mainstream media” is reporting this!  I saw it on Yahoo … Continue reading

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Don't dam the river of knowledge

I have some enemies out there.  People who disagree with things I have written.  Well here’s an interesting tidbit:  Even I don’t always agree with the things I have written.  Yes, I sometimes change my mind.  I sometimes write things … Continue reading

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"White privilege": The power of an illusion

All informed Americans know, by now, that we live in B.R.A. – Black Run America.  If you are black, you get first dibs on almost everything.  If you are white, you get leftovers if you are lucky.  This is how … Continue reading

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The Stark Truth interviews jewamongyou (again)

Listen to the latest interview here.

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Finding the right balance

Every time a person commits to a cause, he must strike a balance.  A balance between the various layers of morality that sometimes contradict each other, a balance between violence and diplomacy, and a balance between his own personal interests … Continue reading

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